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Joyce Weinman, Barrister and Solicitor, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto Lawyer

Joyce Weinman, one of the most experienced and well respected Toronto lawyers for dental professionals, is the editor and founder of JW Dental Legal News.

With years of experience assisting dentists, dental professionals and dental patients with legal and regulatory issues, ranging from employment law (wrongful dismissals) to dental insurance claims and dental malpractice, including failed dental implants, Joyce has collected a wealth of information that she shares with her readers through her print and online dental law newsletter.

On the pages of JW Dental Legal News you will find a wide variety of dental legal information, such as legal advice about dental insurance, disability claims, employment problems, dental injuries and issues relating to family and divorce law.

Some of the dentist, dental professional and dental patient legal information you will find on the pages of JW Dental include:

Dental malpractice, employment law and complaints and discipline matters
Advising and assisting dentists and patients through complaints and disciplinary hearings.

Disability law, personal injury and family law
JW Dental provides its readers with a wealth of information regarding issues dealing with dental insurance and legal actions caused by alleged dental malpractice (such as dental implants). In addition, information is provided on such topics as divorce, business advice for dentists, other types of dental professionals and the general public.

For more information about dental insurance, liability, employment, divorce or other employee, patient or dentist legal matters, contact Joyce to book an appointment and learn more about your rights.

In addition to editing JW Dental Legal News, Joyce Weinman maintains a legal practice in central Toronto.

JW Dental Legal News Toronto

Joyce Weinman, Barrister and Solicitor, 51 Cardiff Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2P1
Phone: 416-848-1019 - Fax: 416-848-0200 - E-Mail: Joyce@jwdental.com

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